“We imagined an Expert Advisor that would be Affordable, Tested, with 1st-Class Support - and that's what we did.  We'll stand behind what we built, and we run it on our own trading accounts."

Chris Davison
Madscientist Programmer

Rob Booker
Founder & CEO

What is the Wallabot?

The Wallabot is an Expert Advisor (a trading "robot"), based on Rob Booker's Wallaby Divergence Trading System, and perfected by the madscientist-grade programming skills of Chris Davison.

We sell 5 licenses at a time to make sure everyone gets set up properly and gets the attention they need. We sell out of these 5 within about 30 minutes each time they go on sale, so if you are interested, grab one while it's available!

Hassle-free automatic trading of a powerful trading system. Inexpensive and it works. Bullshit not included.

Each day, we limit the number of sales to 5 to make sure that we get to know you and help you get set up properly. You can get the Wallabot right now by clicking the box above. There are just 25 of us Wallabot traders right now - so we're a small group.

Affordable For All.
Most EAs cost a fortune and lose a fortune. The Wallabot is affordable. 

It Works.
The Wallabot works. It's running now on our own accounts.

Tested First.
We tested the Wallabot first. When you sign up for more info above, we'll send you details.

It's Not Scalping.
This is NOT a short term trading system that will blow up with real-life spreads.

Healthy Reward:Risk
Never risks huge amount for tiny rewards – unlike practically every other EA out there. Risk:Reward ratios up to 2.3.

No Martingale Here.
This method does not add to losing trades or hedge or try to win 100% of the time.

Here is what you receive:

A copy of the Wallabot EA to run on your Metatrader 4 account, using the exact settings employed by Chris and Rob (see the real-time results here).

A copy of the Wallabot Laboratory, that allows you to play with settings, and test your own best Wallabot techiques.

Support and instruction to help you set up the Wallabot on your Metatrader 4 demo and live accounts.

A forum where you can ask questions and get answers.

Latest updates, brand new Wallabot tricks and techniques, special webinar events, and more.

Next Sale: 
11:59PM California Time,
Wednesday November 9